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Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc. render specialised Legal Services in the following professional fields:

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Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc is committed to becoming a leading strategic firm that specialises in Commercial as well as Labour Law nationwide.
We take care of all legal issues within the commercial space, while extending our footprint to family and domestic law.

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Property Law & Land Rights

Property law, in short, controls the various forms of ownership in personal and real property as well as the right to own property.

At Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc. our Property Law specialists handle various issues and disputes around property.

We are well equipped to assist any client with land rights matters. Every individual has the right to freely obtain, use and possess land.

Family Law & Domestic Partnerships

Family law regulates all family relationships and other domestic matters such as marriage and divorce along with inheritance, adoption, domestic violence and child custody.

Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc. can assist with registration of family trusts. Furthermore, we draft and register ante nuptial contracts as well as offer matrimonial arbitration and dispute resolution.

Not only do we handle marriages, but also domestic partnerships and civil unions. A domestic partnership in essence involves committed, unmarried couples of the same or opposite sex in a relationship that is like a marriage.


Labour Law & Arbitration

Labour law governs issues such as employment and dismissal, along with remuneration, conditions of work, industrial relations, and trade unions. In essence it controls relationships between employers and groups of employees.

In the Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc. team are members skilled and experienced in the art of arbitration as alternative resolution process instead of going to court.


Litigation refers to the process of taking a dispute to a court of law. A litigation process sometimes is complex and takes long to resolve.

At Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc. we have developed a strong team of experts specialising in a variety of fields. We can render a quick as well as efficient litigation service to our clients, no matter defendant or plaintiff.

Our expert litigators handle a wide range of cases in various fields, namely civil, as well as commercial, corporate, and constitutional. Some disputes might even be settled out of court to the satisfaction of our clients. Cases can include commercial disputes, claims against the state, employment disputes, personal injury claims, matrimonial issues and many more.


Business Law

Business law, corporate law and commercial law are all regulating certain aspects of business such as corporations, conduct of traders, and formation of companies.

Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc. can assist with aspects such as advertising and marketing disputes, unfair competition issues, forming a company or a corporation, protection of trade secrets, etc.

Consumer Law

Another area of expertise we have at Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc., is handling consumer law issues such as consumer complaints.


Employment Law

Employment law, on the other hand, regulates the relationship between employers and their individual employees. In brief, it covers employers’ expectations from employees and employees’ rights at work.

Of course, potentially a workplace is a fertile breeding space for misunderstandings, unfair treatment, and hostility between people.

Commercial Drafting

Here at Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc., we can assist with aspects such as advertising and marketing disputes, unfair competition issues, forming a company or a corporation, protection of trade secrets, etc.

We offer expert assistance in structuring an agreement, along with drafting clear legally sound commercial contracts.

Planning Law

We are well versed in planning law issues. These include zoning and rezoning, bonds and transfers, development controls, statutory plans, etc.


Joint Ventures & Acquisitions

Joint ventures (co-operation between two or more companies) and acquisitions (purchase of a company) are both controlled by a contract. As notaries, of course, we are authorized to draw up/certify documents such as contracts among others.

Deceased Estates & Conveyancing

As conveyancers, we have all the expertise to administrate and distribute a deceased estate according to the will of the deceased. We handle all aspects of the legal transfer of a property from one owner to another.


Divorce Mediation & International Child Abduction

Our areas of expertise include divorce mediation as alternative dispute resolution. We assist couples to reach an agreement that is mutually satisfying, along with meeting the needs of all family members. Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc. assist with settlement agreements, parenting plans, and contact rights with children, as well as maintenance, etc.

We also handle cases of international child abduction.

It sometimes happens that one parent takes a child from its home country without the other parent’s consent and then refuses to return the child.