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Who We Are

The legal field is embedded with unethical individuals who handle legal battles in unacceptable ways. At Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc, though, we believe this to be a by-product of looking to make a short-term quick buck in law.

Consequently we reject this by focusing on fostering long lasting relationships that protect the long-term best interests of our clients. We profoundly believe that satisfied clients effectuate a successful practice.

Our Story

Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc is committed to becoming a leading strategic firm that specialises in commercial as well as labour law nationwide. We take care of all legal issues within the commercial space, while extending our footprint to family and domestic law.

A guiding principle for the firm is our dedication to providing value-added and also relationship-focused services to our clients. Since we offer tailor-made solutions for each client, we ensure that no two clients receive the same treatment.

Specialising in all areas of commercial, labour as well as family law, we strive to apply our legal knowledge and expertise to provide each client with tailored legal assistance that brings peace of mind.

At Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc we take pride in cultivating a personal, long-term relationship with each of our clients. This we do by going beyond the call of duty to serve each client’s needs, thus offering immense value for money. We don’t simply provide reactionary mechanisms once a crisis strikes. Instead we put measures suited to each client in place to avert any future crisis from arising.

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Protecting You With Our Legal Support

To survive in the demanding world we face every day, requires next level toughness and tenacity. Changes are high that uninvited trouble will come your way at some stage, leaving you in desperate need of reliable legal advice and defence.

At Pandor Davids Attorneys we believe in operating honourably and scrupulously. Thus our dedicated, experienced and innovative lawyers play a tough, but honest game for the good of each client. We protect you with our intensive knowledge of the law, putting your safety and wellbeing first at all costs.

Not only do we offer clients the best legal advice, but also tailor-made legal solutions within our specialised fields – Commercial, Labour and Family Law.

Why Choose Us?



Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc. offers experience, along with expertise, in various major areas of Commercial, Labour & Family Law.

Skilled Attorneys

Our attorneys are innovative and knowledgeable and help clients pursue a vast number of solutions to succeed.


Legal Process

We maintain all valid papers and paperwork and continue to meet our destination legally.

Meet Our Team




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Looking For A Reliable & Dedicated Legal Partner?

Pandor Davids Attorneys Inc is committed to becoming a leading strategic firm that specialises in Commercial as well as Labour Law nationwide.
We take care of all legal issues within the commercial space, while extending our footprint to family and domestic law.

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Rashaad Pandor - Pandor Attorneys

Rashaad Pandor


Rashaad Pandor established Pandor Attorneys in 2015.

He began his law career in 2009 working for a thriving Johannesburg law firm. As he gained experience in a wide range of commercial and labour law related specialist fields, his passion for law also increased exponentially.

With an avid interest in the politics along with language of commercial law, he chartered his path towards becoming the sole director of his firm. Rashaad Pandor holds an LLB from Wits University (2008).

Faizel Davids

Faizel Davids


The call to partnership of Faizel Davids at Pandor Attorneys was effective from January 1st 2023. Our practice will henceforth operate under the name and style of Pandor Davids Attorneys Incorporated.
Faizel graduated with an LLB from the University of Johannesburg in 2014. Faizel is no stranger to the Firm having commenced his candidacy in 2016. He later joined the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) as a legal advisor and was then promoted to Legal Project Manager where he gained considerable experience in our country’s political sphere and related legal aspects. He is admitted as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa.

He re-joined the Firm as a Senior Associate in 2021 and has proven to be a valuable asset thereby earning his call to Partnership. Faizel is a seasoned practitioner who brings a wealth of corporate experience particularly from his previous role with Outa.

David Harty

David Harty


David Harty graduated with an LLB degree from the University of South Africa in 2015 before serving as a legal advisor for two years in civil society, working on criminal and civil cases against many of the now infamous perpetrators of state capture as well as assisting with submissions to the Zondo Commission in respect of such.

David joined the firm in May 2019 and worked extensively on the delinquency action against Dudu Myeni, former chairperson of South African Airways. He is in his second year of articles and specialises in family, administrative, commercial and civil litigation. David will be getting admitted as an attorney very soon.

Mikhaeel Seedat

Mikhaeel Seedat


Mikhaeel Seedat graduated with an LLB from the University of South Africa in 2019. During his studies he was employed as an article clerk at a boutique law firm in Pretoria.

Following the successful completion of his studies, Mikhaeel worked at an SOC as a Junior Legal Advisor. Mikhaeel then returned to practice and joined Pandor Attorneys in 2020, under the supervision of Rashaad Pandor, Mikhaeel went on to complete his articles of clerkship, PVT Law School and board exams in one year, and was admitted as an Attorney in 2021.

Mikhaeel has experience and expertise in Civil Litigation, Company Law, Commercial Litigation, Drafting , Family Law, Domestic Violence and Harassment Cases and General Legal Practice.

Crystal Pandor

Crystal Pandor


Efficiently orchestrating the heartbeat of the workplace, the Office Manager is the ultimate multitasking maestro. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for organization, they flawlessly streamline operations, ensuring a harmonious and productive environment. From managing schedules and coordinating meetings to overseeing facilities and cultivating a positive company culture, the Office Manager is the reliable force behind every successful office.

Armed with exceptional communication skills and a knack for problem-solving, they empower teams to thrive while maintaining a well-oiled administrative machinery. With their unwavering dedication, the Office Manager keeps the gears turning, enabling the entire organization to excel.